Patriotic Music

Impact of Brass, Madison Brass quintet, A Touch of Brass  jazz combo

The Madison Brass and now The Impact of Brass can develop programs of special interest to you and your organization.

Since our conception in 1981 we have performed many events in this part of the Midwest as well as using this great American music on many of our concert programs. A few of these locations include Rockford's Midway Village, Villa Louis on the Mississippi at Prairie du Chien, the Tallman Restorations in Janesville, Lincoln Center in Beloit, the Dean House in Monona and the Annual Convention for the Wisconsin Council for Local History in Madison.

The Madison Brass was chosen to dedicate the new State Historical Museum on the Capitol Square with a performance and in 1992 to play a program of band music for the Governor's Conference on Tourism in Milwaukee. We were also asked by the Governor's office to provide the music for the Desert Storm Parade here in Madison.  Sandy La Clair has performed "live" for Presidents Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, and George W.Bush as well as governors Anthony Earl, Tommy Thompson and Jim Doyle.    


Impact of Brass, Madison Brass quintet, A Touch of Brass  jazz combo

We have performed 4th of July programs for the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum in Neenah and at the Jameson Museum in Platteville plus our annual parades in Wauwatosa and Brookfield WI.

To tie our programs together we have developed lots of interesting material about this music and can provide a state of the art sound system for speaking to audiences inside or outside.

Please keep The Madison Brass on file for any future events where live music can be enjoyed. Each program is "custom tailored" for that specific audience and event!


 Patriotic Music Samples

Amazing grace - P Chauvin
America the beautiful - D Edelbrock
America The Beautiful - J Villanueva
American Patrol - F. W. Meacham
American Patrol - swing - Dorsey
American Revolutionary War Medley
Americana Medley I - P. Chauvin
Americana Medley II - P. Chauvin
Armed Forces Medley - Villanueva
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite
Battle Hymn - B Howden
Battle Hymn of the Republic - P.Chauvin
Battle Hymn of the Republic - S La Clair
Billboard March - Klohr - P. Chauvin
Bravura - C.E. Duble
Chicago Tribune March - Sousa - P. Chauvin
Circus Bee, Rhe - H Fillmore
Colonel Bogey March - K. Alford
El Capitan - Sousa
Entry of the Gladiators - J. Fucik
Fairest of the Fair - Sousa
Fanfares - Americana
Footlifter March - H. Fillmore - P. Chauvin
Four Cohen Songs - Medely
George M. Cohan - Medley
Give My Regards to Broadway - P. Chauvin

Gladiator March - Sousa
Hands Across the Sea - Sousa
Happy Days Are Here Again - M. Ager
Impression of a Parade - S. Baron
Invincible Eagle March - Sousa
Johnny Comes Marching Home - B. Holcomb
King Cotton - Sousa
King Cotton March - Sousa
Liberty Bell March - Sousa
Manhattan Beach March - Sousa
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine - Sousa 
On the Mall - E.F. Goldman
On Wisconsin - W Purdy
Over There! - G M Cohen
Over There, Somewhere! - P. Chauvin
Riders for the Flag - Sousa
Saber and Spurs- Sousa
Screamer - F Jewell
Simple Gifts - J Villanueva
Star Spangled Banner - B Holcombe
Star Spangled Banner - P Chauvin
Stars & Stripes Forever! - Sousa
The Thunderer- Sousa
This Is My Country - J Villanueva
This Is My Country - P Chauvin
Under The Double Eagle - J. F. Wagner
Washington Post - Sousa - P. Chauvin
Yankee Doodle Boy - P. Chauvin
You're a Grand Old Flag ! - P. Chauvin

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